Industrial Locksmith

High security locking is a must! Keeping staff away from dangerous areas, securing electrical cupboards so staff can go home safety without risking them being in the wrong areas.

With heavy machinery, large stock rooms, equipment and store rooms, Xtreme Locksmiths can cater for the security of these areas or just to keep staff out for safety.

Xtreme Locksmiths have all the necessary key retain safety lockout/ tag out safety equipment. This equipment is for shutting power off to industrial machines and equipment during maintenance or repairs.

Used properly in conjunction with a well planned lockout process, Safety padlocks or locking device will ensure that the employees will not inadvertently activate a piece of equipment while someone is working on.

We cater for all types of equipment – Lock-out padlocks, non- conductive safety lockout padlocks, lockout lanyards,safety lockout hasp, circuit breaker lockout, Cable lockouts, value lockout, personal lock out kits, group lockout kits, lockout stations and a whole lot more.


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